HIGHTEX 2022 EXHIBITORS Both Invested and Introduced Their New Products HIGHTEX

HIGHTEX 2022, which is the first and only exhibition in its field in Turkey; hosted the world’s leading technical textile and nonwoven manufacturers in Istanbul for 5 days. The companies participating in the fair where the raw materials and latest technologies used in the production of nonwoven products are exhibited; both invested technology and introduced its new products.

Turkey, which is among the most important suppliers of the world in the production of nonwoven fabrics, has proven its worth in protective products, especially during the pandemic period. As the demand for protective products increased all over the world, Turkey became the center of nonwoven fabric supply by demonstrating its experience and power in this field. Nonwoven manufacturers, who wanted to increase their capacity to meet the demands, were waiting for the HIGHTEX 2022 Exhibition to come together with the global players of the sector, to invest in technology and to introduce their newest products.

After a 3-year hiatus due to the pandemic, companies enjoying face-to-face communication with their customers have signed many new collaborations. HIGHTEX 2022 exhibitors, whose stands were influxed by visitors from the first day of the exhibition, left the exhibition satisfied.