Turkey is a Very Important Part of the World Market in the Nonwoven Sector

International textile manufacturers met in Istanbul on the occasion of the ITM and HIGHTEX Exhibitions held simultaneously on 14-18 June 2022. Dilo Group, one of the leading companies in the field of nonwoven production lines, introduced its innovations in the field of high-speed needlepunch for complete lines and spunbonds to customers at the exhibition.

DiloGroup offers special production systems from a single supplier to individuals or companies. The company presented its portfolio at the exhibition and informed customers about the latest equipment from fiber opening to finished felt.
Dilo Systems Sales Director Gunner Hammer evaluated that ITM and HIGHTEX 2022 Exhibition is one of the most important exhibitions in the Middle East as well as Turkey. Hammer stated, “As a machinery manufacturer that provides complete lines for the nonwoven segment, HIGHTEX 2022 Exhibition offered us the opportunity to meet with our customers again after the pandemic period.”

“We presented very specialized equipment and machines to our customers during to exhibition”
Hammer said that the exhibition mainly provides an opportunity to meet with customers, present the latest developments and establish close personal contact. Hammer indicated that they basically introduced all equipment in the opening and blending segment for the DiloTemafa series, DiloSpinnbau in the carding segment, and Dilomachines in the cross-linking segment. “Additionally, we met with our customers about some of the new products. These units include special opening and blending systems and special cutting machines. We offered to our customers specialized equipment and machines during to exhibition.”
Dilo machinery has extensive knowledge in many areas in the sector with more than 400 machine sales experience to date. Expressing that they have the advantage of providing the best solution to the customers for their purposes, Hammer continued as follows, “From our perspective, there are many companies to compete in this field, but considering only the nonwovens segment, Turkey is definitely a very important part of the world market. To give a short answer, 2022 is going very well for us. Because we prepared well for the post-pandemic period and developed good projects.”